Drawing Workers Compensation

You may have a choice of claiming Workers Compensation or applying to the US based Asbestos Trusts? You can not do both.

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Workers Compensation Benefits


Across Canada compensation is paid to victims of Mesothelioma who worked with asbestos in their jobs.  Compensation comes from the Province where a person worked not necessarily where they live now.  Below we show compensation available through Ontario's Workplace Safety Insurance Board which is similar to what is offered in other Provinces.

If diagnosed while still working, loss of earning benefits paid during lifetime based on 85% of net earnings to a max of $84,100.00 (in 2014) CPP is also deducted. 5% additional paid by WSIB into retirement after 12 months of benefits.

If you are diagnosed after retirement, which is most cases, there is no loss of earning benefits paid. There is a lump sum based on the degree of impairment and age. This sum rages from $28,600.00 to $74,300.00. Additionally a spouse will receive $27,800.00 - $83,000.00 plus periodic life payments, all mesothelioma healthcare expenses, and burial expenses paid.

For those that are denied workers compensation, and that have mesothelioma, such as spouses, family, etc. there is the alternative option of applying to the US Trusts. 

If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma and you are under 60 years of age and still working, your best option may be Workers Compensation. Most mesothelioma victims are much older and do not benefit from Workers Compensation as much as someone who is younger. US Trust funds often have a better payout when you are over 60.