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Asbestos is in all types of workplaces

Asbestos is almost everywhere. We will list sources of major asbestos exposure in Canadian workplaces. This page will have content posted once a sufficient quantity has been obtained and organized. Please send us any asbestos in workplace details you may have (with the documented information confirming asbestos) if you are willing to have it published. Sources will be kept strictly confidential if requested.

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Asbestos Hotspots

In Canada there are pockets in each province that contain high rates of mesothelioma victims.

Hotspots Industries

mesothelioma asbestos


Common industries include:






Factory workers




and more…

When asbestos fibers are inhaled, they can lodge in the lungs, which have no effective means of absorbing or getting rid of them. Asbestos is essentially indestructible. The body as a defence often encapsulates the asbestos and it remains in the body.  The constant irritation from the asbestos causes cellular changes that can eventually turn malignant.


The first symptoms of mesothelioma may include:

Shortness of breath


Wheezing, coughing, or hoarseness



Chest pain

Coughing blood

Unexplained weight loss

Pain or swelling in abdomen



Growing tumors can cause abdominal pain, bowel problems, severe breathing problems and fluid retention. Eventually, they can metastasize and spread throughout the body. Doctors typically prescribe chemotherapy or radiation following a diagnosis, but the sufferer’s chances of survival are usual grim by the time mesothelioma is identified. The disease of mesothelioma has only one known origin: asbestos exposure. This allows for higher compensation in claims where mesothelioma is diagnosed compared to other cancers.




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